Kris Mitchell



I'm a web developer, computer scientist, interface designer, and tech enthusiast. I believe in writing useful and usable software that helps everyone get their job done, and I'll work with the right technologies and people to get my job done. I'm usually pretty quiet, but I love collaborative software development, and I believe that truly interesting problems require more than one mind to solve.


Programming Languages: Java (XPages/Java ServerFaces, GWT, Swing), JavaScript (AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, Backbone), PHP, C, C++, Perl
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android
Other: Web Development, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MySQL


Allegro Associates – Software Developer

Dec 2012 — Present

University of Alberta – Software Engineer Research Intern

May 2011 — July 2012


Fitness Booking System

A web application written for a client using IBM XPages and AngularJS. Allows users to book and cancel fitness equipment and classes and report on bookings (2013, 2016).

Purchase Statements API

A RESTful API to allow external clients (via API key) to access invoices stored in Oracle (2015).

Internal Homepage CMS

My first AngularJS application. Allows users to modify and link rich content across a set of pages (2015).

Employee Procedures Wiki

An internal application used to write, revise, categorize, and search relevant employee procedures. Written using IBM XPages and Backbone.js (2015).

Rail Car Tracking

Allows a client to keep track of rail cars throughout various stages in the shipping process. Uses IBM XPages and Oracle. (2014)

Jewel Bot

Something I wrote to compensate for my inadequate Bejeweled skills. Written in Java, figures out jewels based on a single pixel in each cell, then uses the Robot class to control the mouse and make matches (2012).

Live Name Tag

A cool little project I did with my friend Travis Dilts to display statistics from the social network GDGT using bluetooth, an Android phone, and a 32 character LCD display connected to an Arduinio (2012).


B.Sc, Computing Science, Honors. University of Alberta, 2012